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Romantic Morro Bay couples session

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

The beach at sunset will always be one of the top locations I recommend when clients don't have any preference as to where they want their sessions at. There's something so timeless about it, but it's also never the same views.

It could be foggy, or you get an insane sunset. The beach is beautiful no matter what.

The fog brings an eerie romantic vibe and a sunset washes a warm romantic light over anything in front of it.

Bre & Justin were spending their weekend in the area and decided to go just a little bit further north to Morro Bay for some romantic couples photos with their puppies.

Side note: If you're thinking about bringing your pups to the shoot - please do.

If you want to book a session like Bri & Justins reach out and let's plan something beautiful and specific to you.

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