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Jennifer x Jose

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

All photographers know that having a session on a windy day is usually a nightmare.

But, at the dunes, you need the wind. You need wind to make the beautiful ridges in the sand, the big smooth hills of sand, and to make the footprints disappear.

And usually, the wind will keep others away and empty dunes are what we want.

On the day we went out to shoot it was cold, it was windy, and it was basically a hike up a paved hill to get there. But when you get to the little wooden fence the world opens up and it's a sea of sand before your eyes that looks like it goes on forever.

Now, in most cases when I have a couples shoot, the couple asks what to wear. I tell them they want to stand out against their background (e.g., if you're shooting in a forest with lots of dark greens and shadows, you want to wear lighter colors so you don't get lost in the mix) but, these two needed no instructions. They came to the dunes in head-to-toe neutrals- which normally would be a huge no-no, but Jennifer knows what the hell she's doing and I had no doubt in my mind.

They crushed it.

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