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Maegan & Michelle's Intimate Pismo Beach Elopement.

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Like all photographers, I like to send a confirmation text or email a day or so before a session. This allows me to make sure I haven't left any questions unanswered and have all of our bases covered for the actual session.

Back in 2015, I thought I was doing that but I had the wrong number. It took me a while to realize it because the person I had actually texted threw me for a loop. She messed with me for a little bit and eventually came clean. It just so happened that she was not my client but that she was all the way in Kansas City and happened to have an 805 number.

My first question was, why did she have an 805 number? She told me that she was traveling and fell in love with the Pismo Beach area. She had lived there for a while before eventually going back home to KC. We became instant homies and she told me when she gets married one day in Pismo Beach, I was going to be her wedding photographer.

Fast forward a few years, the question was popped, the date was set and we were ready to go! Then Maegan's appendix decided to explode a day or two they were set to fly out. It caused us to postpone the photos, with the promise that she would keep all of her body parts on the inside for the new date.

The day finally came and It was beautiful and intimate. They could not have been more beautiful. They had a friend fly out to officiate and I was lucky enough to get to be their witness. I'm SO glad I got the number wrong that day so many years ago.

Without further ado, Maegan & Michelle Isabell...

So grateful to have been a part of your day Maegan & Michelle.


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