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How to crush your first content day.

As a photographer, one of my favorite things to shoot will always be a content day. Whether you're new to the influencer game or you're a seasoned pro, content days are a BLAST. I think I love them so much because there's so much we can do with a content day and so much variety and is variety not the spice of life?

First things first, before you can go out and kill your content day you need a plan. Get an idea of what you need/want to shoot. Do you have sponsored content you have to deliver soon? Maybe you want to get a head start on some cute spring outfits since the weather is starting to warm up a bit. PLAN. IT. OUT. SIS. Make a mood board with the colors and vibes you want to accomplish. There's no need to make a fancy one you can slap one together in Canva or make a Pinterest board for the vibe you want.

Next, you need to decide if you're going to hire a photographer or if it'll be just you or maybe even go with a friend and trade off taking pictures of each other. If you decide to reach out to a photographer please for the love of God do not expect them to do it for free. Exposure doesn't pay the light bill. If they offer to shoot it for free then sure go for it. Another option is to work out a collaboration with them where you shoot something they'd like to do too. at the end of the day, you both need content (keep in mind not all photographers have the time to do collaborations, and if they give you a rate you should respect that.).

Up next is your location. This is where your planning comes into action, do you need a cityscape? the beach? a small-town vibe? Is there somewhere near you that can give you more than one of these vibes? I don't live in a large metro area, I'm right in-between San Francisco and Los Angeles and for even more specifics I'm also right in between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. So what's available to me is the beach, farmlands, small towns, small cities, and lots and lots of beautiful back roads. When I'm planning a shoot I ask for the vibe my content creator is going for and from there I throw out a few locations. We tend to pick areas that have lots of variation so that we can shoot a ton of content without having to drive all over town.

Now your outfits! Obviously, the point of a content day is to get as much content as possible. You want to pick anywhere from five to seven main outfits. If you have sponsored content or something has been gifted to you and you agreed to post about it make those items a priority to shoot. Shoot those items first, before you get tired and you're just kinda over it and want to wrap it up already. One important thing to note after getting your spon-con done is make

sure whatever outfits your planning can be changed up with a change of accessories or shoes. You want to get as much variation as possible so if you have a cute top that goes well with shorts and jeans, shoot it with shorts and jeans. Change out the small details like jewelry. You want it to look like You didn't take all of these pictures in one day.

Last but not least, enjoy yourself. If you're grumpy or just not feeling it it's gonna show. You need to let loose and enjoy the moment.

Alright here's my list of to do's for you to kill your content day:

  • Make a plan

  • Photographer or no photographer?

  • Pick your location.

  • Plan your outfits.

  • Plan accessories & outfit variations.


Here are some of the photos I've gotten from content days with influencers.

You can follow Monica here!

Every single one of these photos was taken within a one-mile radius. All look totally different. This is what planning will do for you!

You can follow Shawna here! Or check out her blog at

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