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Carolinas Montana De Oro Senior Session.

When Carolina messaged me to book her senior session I was so excited because I met her when she was just a little kid and senior sessions are such a huge coming of age thing for me. So we talked ideas and golden hour was big on her list of wants which was perfect because I LOVE golden hour (i try to schedule most of my shoots around that time) especially at the beach! Epic views was also big on her list of wants for her session so I immediately thought of Montana De Oro.

MDO is hands down one of the central coasts most scenic locations and offers so much variety when it comes to locations to shoot. Want a forest vibe? MDO has it. Want some gorgeous beach shots? MDO has it. Want some shots on an epic cliff? MDO has it. Want some photos of you in a golden field? MDO has that too. I always get so excited when clients want to go there because I know just how much there is to choose from and I know their session is going to be amazing.

Now enough gushing about MDO, The day of our shoot IT WAS SO OVERCAST! The fog is definitely a part of living on coast but some days it just rolls in faster than others and omg that day was one of those days! We shot for as long as we could but the fog made everything so dark so fast and it was honestly so upsetting because we were at one of my favorite spots in the park. So we decided it was best that we reschedule to a few days later because it was so dark and I just wasn't going to get the shots that we both wanted.

So we decided that hiking trails at Orcutt community park were perfect for what we still wanted to capture. AND IT WAS! The light was golden and so were the hills. We were surrounded by the central coats gorgeous oak trees and it really couldn't have been more perfect.

Im glad our original plan didn't work out because we wouldn't have been able to get some of our favorite shots!

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